Cabinet Makeover Basics 

There are many reasons why people decide they need to do a kitchen cabinet makeover. The most common reason is that the existing cabinets are old, outdated, or otherwise in poor condition. Sometimes there’s just something about them that no longer fits with the style of the homeowner or the space in which they live. Another reason someone may choose to remodel their cabinets is because there has been an addition to the household and it’s necessary for additional storage capacity. And sometimes people just want bigger drawers so they can fit more stuff in them!       No matter what your motivation may be for considering a cabinet renovation, you will probably need to budget how much it will cost when all said and done What you don’t want to happen is to choose all new cabinetry, realize you can’t afford them, and then settle for something that looks like an afterthought. That’s not the best way to start this renovation process, so we’re going to give you a few tips on how to plan for your budgeting efforts. The first step is too get out your calculator and add up the cost of:

·          measuring and planning (for accurate results)

·          custom cabinets (if you go that route)

·          kitchen design software (optional but recommended)

·          choosing new appliances specially if they need to be larger than what was previously there. If it turns out that replacing or updating some or all of your appliances are needed, then you will need to include that in your calculations. It’s best to go into this plan with a well-thought out strategy and an understanding of how much everything is going to cost. If you’re not sure where to begin, feel free to contact us for some pointers on how to design your kitchen remodel. .

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