Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Tips & Tricks

Planning the process before starting is essential for kitchen cabinet makeovers. When budgeting for cabinetry , take all these factors into consideration.     1) How high are your ceilings? If they are 8 feet or higher you may want to consider crown molding for a more elegant look. This will add to the cost of your kitchen renovation . If you plan on updating appliances , make sure they are all the same height or at least in close range with higher fridges and lower ovens.

      2) How many windows and doors does your kitchen have? It’s important to note how many windows and doors there is when designing cabinets around them, because it could affect the overall design of your remodel project. Are they tall or short? Spanning across one wall or several?

                       3) What type of countertop do you want? Granite tops are very popular but come at a price. Formica is less expensive but has its own benefits as well. It’s best if your countertops and backsplash in your kitchen is the same look and feel to keep the overall design cohesive.

                       4) How many appliances do you have? Are they all working? If not, consider buying new ones that will fit the style of cabinets you choose with an allowance for future repairs (if necessary).

      5) How many people live in the home and how often is it used? If there are a lot of cooks in your family or children constantly spilling things on floors or counters then consider laminate flooring at least along traffic routes like hallways and entryways. Tile can be cleaned easily and doesn’t show signs of wear and tear as quickly as more porous porous materials like wood or carpeting.

      6) Where will the new cabinets go? Floor plans are essential for your remodeling project, especially cabinets because they’re permanent fixtures in your kitchen. You may be able to get creative depending on how much space you have where you want them, but it’s still good to know what the final destination is so you can plan ahead

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